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    Moving in a rush is not something most people are looking forward to. While planning this process and packing all of your belongings, there is always a certain amount of stress. In order to avoid some moving mistakes and handle this process like a pro, you should plan your move in detail. However, this is easier said than done when moving in a rush. Take a look at these useful tips for planning your relocation like a professional. If you have to move last-minute, speeding up the moving process is always possible.

    Declutter your belongings and make priorities

    In order to handle a last-minute move, you will have to start planning as soon as you can. Before packing your belongings and asking for professional moving assistance, you should make a moving checklist and prioritize. When moving last-minute, you might want to consider downsizing your inventory, if that’s a possibility. For example, when moving home in a rush, you can always make a garage sale or donate some of your belongings. If you downsize and pack fewer items, you will save valuable time on the packing process.

    woman writing a plan
    In order to avoid some moving mistakes and handle this process like a pro, you should plan your move in detail.

    Besides decluttering your closet and sorting out household items, you should also prioritize your chores. The best way of speeding up the moving process is a good organization. This is why you should make a list of everything you need to do prior to the move.

    Make sure to plan one step at a time, no matter how little time you have left. Even though moving last-minute can be stressful, you should plan it step-by-step and make sure to avoid possible moving mistakes.

    Start packing as soon as you can for speeding up the moving process

    As soon as you know your moving date, you should start planning the packing process. When moving last-minute, most people pack the wrong way or forget to pack important items. This usually results in loss or damage to some moving boxes. When it comes to packing, there are two ways of simplifying and speeding up the moving process.

    yearly planner for speeding up the moving process
    Since you don’t have much time to organize the process, you should be ready for unexpected situations.

    First, you can make a list of your inventory and decide which items to move. After decluttering, you should pack by category. This might seem like a waste of time, but it is the opposite. Packing the right way will save you time after the move is over, but also ensure the safety of your belongings.

    Another way of handling and speeding up the moving process in North Carolina is to hire professional movers. There are many good movers High Point NC can provide. Besides transportation services,  moving companies usually offer efficient packing services. Besides packing your belongings, professional packers can bring all supplies you might need.

    Calculate your moving costs

    Moving in a rush can be time for many troubles. Wrong planning and spending too much money are some of the most common moving mistakes. In order to avoid them, you should calculate your moving costs as soon as you know your moving day. Even when speeding up the moving process, you can always lower some moving costs.

    If you want to save money while moving, there are a few things you can do. You can downsize your inventory and decide to move a smaller inventory. In this case, people usually sell some of their stuff in order to make some extra money.

    passport and other travel items
    if you are moving with your family and children, packing a moving day bag will be necessary.

    Hire last-minute movers

    Moving last-minute can be very stressful. Lack of time to prepare for the move is nerve-wracking, but there’s an easy solution to this problem. Hiring professional movers for a last-minute relocation can be the best decision you’ll make. Even if you don’t think you can afford moving services, you’ll be surprised how many options there are.

    Many moving companies in North Carolina offer discounts and affordable moving quotes, especially for offseason relocations. If you decide to pay for some moving services Greensboro NC has to provide, you will save a lot of time and speed up the moving process for sure. Keep in mind that hiring movers last-minute can cost a little bit extra, but it will pay off and save you a lot of stress.

    Pack a moving day bag

    Even after you pack all of your belongings and prepare for the moving day like a pro, there are still some complications that might happen. Most moving troubles happen during the moving day, especially when rushing the entire process. Since you don’t have much time to organize the process, you should be ready for unexpected situations.

    child jumping on the street
    You stress much less if you know your child is taken care of

    For example, if you are moving with your family and children, packing a moving day bag will be necessary. In case anyone feels bad, gets injured or you need last-minute cash, you should prepare all some of the following necessities:

    • Phones and other necessary gadgets, including chargers
    • Important documents
    • Extra cash in case of emergencies
    • Some clothes, especially when moving long-distance
    • Refreshments and snacks
    • First-aid kit and a toolbox – if moving with a car
    • Toolbox

    Moving with children? Get someone to help

    If you need to move last-minute with small children, preparing for the move will be complicated. While you are packing and looking for moving companies, your kids will be needing your attention. If possible, you should ask a family member or a friend to help with the kids, especially during the moving day. This way, you will have more energy to plan and stay focused during the move. Speeding up the moving process is always possible when you plan it one step at a time.

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