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Tips for relocating your family from Winston Salem

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    When you need to move, your whole life may seem more chaotic than it really is. From finding the right moving companies Winston Salem to packing and adapting to a new environment. This is why we decided to give you a few tips for relocating your family from Winston Salem.

    Relocating your family from Winston Salem? Start here

    When you are relocating your family from Winston Salem, the first thing you need to do is prepare. This also means finding a reliable moving team that will take care of your needs while moving. Start by looking into moving companies in North Carolina and ask about the prices and dates that suit you. Besides this, here are some other tips that will help you during moving.

    family - relocating your family from Winston Salem
    When you are relocating your family from Winston Salem, the first thing you need to do is prepare.

    Create a checklist and think about your moving budget

    First, create a checklist that contains the timeline of everything that awaits you. Each move will look different depending on how much time you have… And how much money you have at your disposal. For example, you may need climate controlled storage Greensboro NC for your valuables. According to your needs, create a realistic budget. Calculate how you will pack which means whether you will use plastic, heavier boxes or it is better to choose lighter and more practical cardboard packaging.

    Get rid of things in advance so you can pack less

    The key packing advice when moving from Winston Salem is to make sure you don’t move anything you don’t need anymore. Relieve the stress and workload of moving by getting rid of unnecessary things before you enter the packaging phase. This means you have to figure out what to throw away, keep, sell, or donate. Ask your friends if they need something or call a charity. Besides this, remember to take measurements of your new home and get rid of any furniture that doesn’t suit those measures… Or anything you know you won’t use.

    Invest in quality moving boxes

    It is tempting to go to the local store and try to get some boxes for free. However, moving boxes are relatively cheap, and good boxes can save you money in the end. You can even think about investing in packing services or ask your movers for supplies. Trust us, grocery boxes and reused moving boxes are not the best solution. The last thing you want is for the box to fall apart in your hand as you try to bring it into the house.

    a cardboard box
    Moving boxes are relatively cheap, and good boxes can save you money in the end.

    Give each room a different color for the packaging label

    To stay organized, print multicolored packaging labels or use strips in different colors to put the different colors to each room. Mark the contents of each box and write the room to which it belongs. Then, in your new home, use the same colored tape to mark the entrances to the rooms. This practical tip will save anyone who moves a ton of time. Instead of having to explicitly read the label or play a guessing game about what belongs to which room, it is enough to connect the colors and the rooms at the start.

    Don’t pack too many things in one box

    One mistake that many make when moving is to try to put all their belongings in just a few cardboard boxes that they have somewhere around the house. Use as many boxes as you need so you have boxes that are easy to lift. Keep the largest moving boxes up to under 50 pounds.

    Use boxes of the appropriate size

    Place heavy items like books in smaller boxes and lighter ones in larger boxes. This makes it easier for drivers to organize and pack the boxes into a moving truck. Be sure to pack heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top to avoid injury. Fill all gaps in boxes with paper or styrofoam to prevent objects from moving during transport. Use tape to close the lower and upper lids and put tape around the edges.

    Use a lot of paper and pads for any fragile items you are packing. Never place these items in boxes without added material to fill the holes. Proper packaging will save you from stress in the long run.

    Use household items for packaging

    Think about how you can reuse the things you have – such as baskets, suitcases, and bins, to pack and move some clothing and household items. To take up as little space as possible, use a vacuum seal for your clothes.

    a girl carrying a box
    Learn how to properly pack different items

    Save space when packing clothes

    Clothes can be one of the most demanding elements of packaging. It is important to save as much space as possible with clothes because excess clothes can take up most space in the moving vehicle if you are not careful.

    Mark and photograph pieces of furniture and accessories

    Take the extra time to protect larger pieces of furniture before you move. Remove and secure all drawers and doors beforehand. Also, stick the cables, drawers, doors, and everything you need to remove so you know where it goes when you reassemble them. Put the screws and bolts in plastic bags and stick them on the back of the furniture. When packing electronics, take a photo of the latest configuration to remember which cable goes where. Take a photo of any furniture that you have separated to serve as a guide for reassembling it. Also be sure to mark the doors, screws, and anything else you separate. Good luck! 

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