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Tips for moving your office cross-country efficiently

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    Moving your office cross-country is a tedious and time-consuming task for everyone involved. If you are planning to relocate your office, or organize the relocation of the company, it is necessary to plan everything in advance. Of course, hiring commercial local movers Greensboro NC will only help you out. Plus, when you read our tips, you’ll be set to go!

    Is moving your office cross-country any different than a local move?

    When you think about moving your office cross-country, you may ask is it the same as any other move? Well, a commercial move is specific, and moving further away can only make things more stressful. That’s why it is important to hire reliable cross country movers Greensboro NC. As you may imagine, moving an office is a demanding and very responsible job. It is very important that you plan everything nicely and not forget anything.

    couple - moving your office cross-country
    Moving your office cross-country is a tedious and time-consuming task for everyone involved.

    Plan your cross-country office move in advance

    When you move your office cross-country, you should plan things in advance. We know we haven’t re-invented the wheel here, but for starters, do you know the dimensions of the new offices? This is very important because the new furniture layout also depends on the dimensions. It can happen that the existing furniture and office equipment cannot fit into the new space in the same way as they did in the old one. For that reason, be sure to measure the dimensions and ask to have a drawing of the office layout.

    You have a plan but – do you have a good plan?

    Once you know the answer to the question of your future office dimensions, it’s time to start searching for the right moving companies in North Carolina. They will know how to move your office equipment and furniture and put it in the right place. We recommend that you draw a new layout on paper too. This will require a little of your time and patience but will save you time when the day of moving comes. In this way, your moving team will only enter and install your furniture where you tell them to.

    Pack your documents and your archives properly

    Do you know what the most important and most necessary documents in the office? It is very important that you separate the documents and equipment you need immediately after moving to start your business right away. Think about it and pack the most important ones in boxes that will be clearly marked. This way you will make it easier for yourself when you move into a new office, and you will not need to look for basic things.

    We recommend that you draw a new layout of your office so you don’t end up in a pile of boxes.

    Technology, internet, and telephones

    It is very important to know in advance which providers are in charge of telephone lines and the internet before you move. As you know, without a phone and the internet these days, it’s like you’re out of electricity – it is almost impossible to work. So keep this in mind and take care of this before you move your office cross-country. Companies that provide these services usually need a few days to fix everything, so plan ahead. Of course, in all offices, IT infrastructure is a very critical and important inventory. They are very fragile so take special care during the relocation of electronic devices.

    Think about neighbors or building rules

    If you move into the residential building, check if the elevator works, if there is one, and apologize in advance to the neighbors for the noise. This way you will immediately make new friends and work on good relationships. Again, most commercial buildings have limitations when it comes to relocation and relocation times. Check with both new and existing offices for the best time to move.

    Which services do you need with moving companies?

    When moving an office, you may need more services than when you move your household. For example, packing bulky items, heavy machinery or special equipment need to be in the hands of reliable packing professionals. In this way, you take care of all the small details from the beginning to the end. As you may imagine, packing and moving an office is more stressful if you have a lot of things to move. When you plan in advance, this will make the whole moving process easier.

    Make a relocation team

    It is best to create a team that will monitor and manage all changes while moving. this team should gather people from all departments, but mainly from the administration, human resources, supply chain, and finance. Of course, you can’t move an entire office in one day, no matter how much you want to. It is very important to plan in advance, ideally a few days in advance. All employees should be familiar with the move. They must also make appropriate arrangements for their day-to-day communication.

    You can’t move an entire office in one day, no matter how much you want to.

    Packing small items is important too

    All important items have to be properly packed so that they are not damaged during relocation. Once you move, you can think about how to organize your office. Keep in mind that there are different types of packaging for different items. It is important to choose the right packaging material, so consult with your movers.


    When everything is packed properly, it is important to ensure that all things in the office are transported properly. Besides your movers, this can be supervised by the office relocation team, just to ensure that everything goes well. It is important that the team is available in both the new and existing office during the relocation process. Good luck!

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