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The ultimate guide for a successful moving day in Greensboro, NC

Whether you are moving your home or your business, choose a sure bet for a trouble-free and prized move.

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    Relocation is one of those events that bring incredible amounts of stress, yet are inevitable sooner or later. In case it is your turn to move to or out of your Greensboro home, you have to make sure you are at the top of your game. Because a successful moving day won’t just come along out of nowhere – you’ll have to put in a lot of work and effort. And we here at Best Bet Moving and Labor will gladly help you in this purpose. Refer to this guide the next time you find yourself amid a commercial or residential relocation in Greensboro, NC and you will have a much easier time moving from point A to point B.

    Have a list of all the components that will make your moving day a success

    Get ready for one busy day, as your moving day will be anything but simple and easy. And you’ll be surprised once you see how many moving tasks will pile up as soon as the moving truck arrives in front of your home. In all that hustle and bustle, it will be too easy to forget to pack an item that you love or to finally clean the bathroom before your departure. If you have a list of all those tasks you need to take care of as soon as the day starts, you will be much less likely to forget any of them.

    A person making a checklist for a successful moving day.
    A moving checklist is a powerful tool that you will want to have by your side on the day of your move.

    So get up bright and early on the day of your Greensboro residential relocation. That will give you the optimal amount of time to take care of your moving tasks before your movers arrive. There will be time for sleeping in and rolling in bed – now’s the time for a spectacular moving day that you will have to work for.

    You can’t have a successful moving day if you aren’t present

    Hiring local movers in Greensboro to handle the majority of your relocation tasks is the reasonable and responsible thing to do. But leaving them alone as soon as they arrive is one of the worst things you can do. You might have hired a full-service moving company that can pack, load, and prepare your belongings for the transport. But you still need to be there to oversee the process. After all, you never know at what point something could go wrong. Or whether or not you’ll need to make a special remark. So it’s only reasonable to be there while your movers do the work.

    Speaking of movers, have some cash at hand

    In the best-case scenario, you will be completely satisfied with the job your movers did! That’s when you might feel a sense of relief that everything went so well that you will feel the urge to somehow say thank you to your local or long-distance moving team. While money isn’t everything, you do have to admit that all of us could use some extra cash from time to time.

    That’s why tipping your movers is one of the best ways to say thank you for a successful moving day. Mind you that the tip doesn’t have to be incredibly high. However, every member of the team should get an equal amount. As they all participated equally in making your moving day a total success. For that reason, have some cash at hand on the day of your move. You’ll be happy if you get a chance to spend it.

    A glass full of coins.
    Even a small tip will be a great motivation for your movers to keep up the good work in the future.

    Ensure your pets and kids are taken care of

    As previously mentioned, your moving day is going to be one super busy day for the entire family. So you will want no distractions in the form of your pets or kids running around the house. While kids can help with moving tasks that lead up to the moving day, they should definitely be out of the picture on the day itself. For that reason, make sure you have someone watching over your kids and pets (should you have any) throughout the entire day. You don’t have to pay for childcare services – a trusted friend or family member will be more than sufficient.

    The success of your moving day can depend on the parking space

    Have you ever seen a move take place? Do you have any idea just how much space even one moving truck occupies, let alone a couple of them? Nothing can ruin your moving day quicker than the lack of space for the trucks to park. That’s why you ought to check the situation out before the day of your move comes. Naturally, the trucks need to be parked as close as possible to your house because. Nobody wants to walk two blocks while carrying heavy moving boxes.

    If there isn’t enough space in front of your home, talk to your neighbors. See whether you can temporarily occupy their parking space. You would be surprised how far a few nice words can get you. And this is a really important piece of the puzzle that you need to solve before your moving day. So waste not a second longer!

    An empty room.
    With all of your items safe inside the moving boxes, it will be easy to spot any leftover items.

    One last walk through can prevent many problems

    Is everything safely packed inside the moving trucks? With all of your possessions packed up and ready to go, there’s only one more thing to do to ensure you have a successful moving day – doing one last walkthrough. Go through every room one more time and check every nook and cranny. What you are doing is searching for any items that might have been left behind by accident. If you don’t find anything – great. If you do spot something – even better. You just saved yourself from another trip where you will have to retrieve the displaced items.

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