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Pros and cons of shared storage units

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    No matter if you’re in the middle of a relocation, or just need some extra space for your home, you can’t go wrong with renting a storage unit. In most cases, this is a very smart and sensible thing to do. It gives you the ability to temporarily or permanently make more space in your home which is great. Once movers Winston Salem NC finish your relocation, the next item on your list is renting storage. However, keep in mind that, if you’re moving on a budget, renting an entire unit may be costly. This is when you should consider shared storage units.

    There may be a good chance that you have a friend or coworker faced with the same problem. In terms of cost and saving money, teaming up and sharing a unit really makes sense. Paying half or maybe even a third of the rent will do wonders for your budget. Even so, it is good to know that sharing a unit doesn’t come without its pros and cons. Because of this, you need to weigh out the positive and the negative sides before making a decision. This is where we come in, with helpful advice!

    a row of storage units with red doors
    Storage units are a great way to save space in your home!

    The reduced cost is definitely one of the pros of shared storage units

    When you need more space for your items, and you’re also trying to save money, shared storage units help on both fronts. If the people you are renting with are someone you can absolutely trust, then everybody wins! Many shared unit users are united through a common situation, which is the lack of funds. This, however, is not the only reason to go for shared storage units. You could find yourself in a situation where you’re moving to a completely unfamiliar town or country. In this case, you will often tell you to travel light and cut your moving costs.

    In this case, where you have things you want to keep but can’t take with you right away, climate controlled storage Greensboro NC is your saving grace. Sharing a unit means you can split the cost with the other person, and still check on your belongings from time to time. Depending on the number of things you have, and the unit size, you can share it with one, or several friends. Because you’re paying less, your budget will be much more flexible. With more money to work with, you can hire the best movers, and organize your new home the way you see fit. No matter which way you look at it, this is absolutely a win-win situation!

    If you miss a payment by chance, this can definitely be a con

    Sharing a storage unit means that all participants need to cover their share of rent in a timely manner. Financial problems and instability are very serious and sometimes often issues. They can sometimes lead to people not having enough money to cover their share of the unit costs. This, in turn, leads other co-renters to pull more funds to cover the missing portion. If situations like these repeat, and if you’re the lease owner, this can easily become a problem. Should this happen, your plan to boost your moving budget will fail dramatically. Your name being on the lease, means you’re responsible for the payments. This means that, if others fail to cover their share of expenses, you’ll have to take care of the full amount.

    people talking sitting around a table
    Before renting the unit, have a discussion, and find a solution that works best for all involved.

    A few things to consider with shared storage units

    Before you settle on your decision of sharing a storage unit with someone, you need to be mindful of the legalities. Renting out a unit involves contracts and paperwork, which requires serious thought. But, we’re all adults, so reaching an agreement shouldn’t be too hard. Before you decide to rent a unit and share it with someone, here’s what you should think about:

    • What type of unit is required? – Even if you use professional packing services, you need to make sure your items are safe. However, your items won’t be completely secured if you pick the wrong type of unit. For example, you might need a climate-controlled unit, while your co-renters won’t. Discuss the options and make a choice that works best for everyone.
    • How will you share the costs? – There are no issues when you’re sharing a unit with just one other person. You can divide both space and the costs into two equal halves. If more people are involved, you need to figure out an equal sharing method and make sure everyone does their due diligence.
    • Who will be the lease owner? – Even though the unit will be rented by a few people, only one person can be the contract bearer. The person signing the contract is ultimately and solely responsible for the unit, from a legal aspect. For the person signing the contract, this means great power and even greater responsibility. The person signing the final contract is fully responsible for fulfilling the terms stated in it. This includes both maintaining the condition of the unit itself, its contents, as well as the monthly payments.
    person signing a contract for renting a shared storage unit
    Keeping the matter official with a contract is the best way to mitigate any possible damages.

    To avoid issues, it is best to keep things official

    When considering the option of shared storage units, you should definitely not take the matter lightly. Even though you’ve decided to share storage space with people you deem trustworthy, unexpected situations may easily happen. Nobody who considers you a good, reliable person, or a friend, will do anything to intentionally bring you harm however, life has many twists and turns. No matter how much trust you have set in someone, it is always good to have a personal contract (a written agreement by a lawyer) set up before going forward. This way, everyone in your chosen group of individuals will be obliged to respect the terms of sharing and renting the unit. This may be costly, but it is an otherwise worthy investment. It will save your friendship and relations with the people involved, which is worth much more than the storage unit’s contents.

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