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    Moving can be quite stressful. Many things have to be planned and done right so that the relocation can be smooth. Otherwise, you risk running into problems that can easily be avoided. So preparing in advance will help alleviate stress not only to yourself but to kids too. But what about those little creatures we call pets. They are a part of the family and deserve the same consideration and care as children. Even more so, as they cannot tell us when something is bothering them, or they are unhappy. So what is the best way to prepare your pets for a cross-country move? Best Bet Moving and Labor has prepared a list of useful tips that will guaranty your pet arrives happy to its new home. Because a happy pet makes a happy family.

    Tips for helping your pets move across the county stress-free

    Changing the environment is not easy for pets. For this reason, they will need a lot of attention before and after the move. And planning well is important. Same as packing your furniture, there are some things you will need to do before the actual move. So, before contacting moving companies Winston Salem, you need to make sure your pet is ready for travel.

    a pet at the vet office
    Take your furry friend to the Vet to make sure he is in top health for the move

    Because cross-country relocation can take a while, and you want to make sure they have everything they might need.

    • Visit the veterinarian – Prepare your pets for a cross-country move by making sure they are healthy
    • Get them used to the crate – A save space will go a long way in making them calm
    • Make trips with the pet – Practice traveling will help them adjust quickly
    • Bring all the items – a favorite toy will calm them down

    Always visit a Vet to make sure the pet is ready for moving cross-country

    Making sure your pet is healthy is always a number one priority. But more so when relocating. Because of the stress of the long trip, any aliment may flare-up. And you do not want to be in the middle of the trip when that happens. Cross country movers Greensboro NC have a lot of experience and will make sure your pet is safe and comfortable. Also, make sure all the information on the pet’s chip is up to date. Especially, if you are planning on changing your number. Because if anything happens and your dog or cat gets lost, you want to make sure you can be easily found. In addition, check that all the vaccinations are up to date. And be sure to bring all the paperwork so the new vet knows the health history of your four-legged friend.

    A pet that is comfortable in a crate will be easy to relocate across the country

    If your pup is not ready for the move, it may become agitated and start making a fuss. This can be dangerous, especially while driving. So the same way you need to properly pack your fragile items, you need to make sure your pet is secured. Therefore to get ready the pets for the move, start introducing them to the crate well in advance. Begin by leaving pieces of food inside the enclosure. Slowly they will venture inside and start feeling comfortable. As they get used to it, encourage them to stay inside for longer periods of time. Repeat this process until they are used to sleeping in it. And when they start filling the space as their second home, they are ready to move.

    a dog in a car
    Help your pet get ready for the cross-country move by getting used to the car rides

    To get your pets ready for a cross-country move take practice trips

    If your pet is not used to the car ride, the move can be hard on them. Also, same as people, they can react badly to the motion of the car. By taking them on short trips, you will prepare them for relocation across the county. Start by driving them to a nearby park. And slowly extend the trips. Pay close attention to how they behave. Likewise, be patient with them, because the same as children, they need time to get used to a new thing. And if you have a dog, make sure to leave the window partially open. They are sure to enjoy the wind and the view. Additionally, make sure to make stops, so your dog can walk around and explore.

    Make sure to pack all the items your pet might need for the move

    For a cross-country trip with a pet, you should bring everything the animal might need. Indeed, you do not want to realize in the middle of the trip that you do not have enough food. Similarly, items like paper towels, cleaning wipes, and poop bags are essential. But most importantly, do not forget to pack toys, leash, and seat cover. Also, if they are insecure, make sure to take with you their favorite blanket or a toy. An item that is familiar to them, and smells like home, will help them feel comfortable. In addition, make sure to bring snacks. They will help you to calm your pet or reward them for good behavior.

    Prepare your pets for a cross-country move by playing with them
    Your pet’s favorite toy will help keep it happy on a move across the country

    Prepare your pets for a cross-country move so they can enjoy the trip

    Relocation can be tricky, especially with pets involved. But if you prepare your pets for a cross-country move properly your travel from Winston Salem will be stress-free. In other words, the same as with children, you need to be patient and loving. Make sure to visit the Vet, so there are no unpleasant surprises. Your pet must be in full health for the trip. And be sure to buy a crate with enough space. Same as people, they would not enjoy being constricted for the entire voyage. But most importantly, bring all the toys and snacks they love. Because the long trip can be hard on them and they deserve a reward for good behavior.

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