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    Moving is physically and mentally challenging. It will take a lot of time to cover everything and to secure a safe transition. All moving stages are equally important but some require a delicate touch. You must prepare for packing, obtain packing materials, and contact moving companies in North Carolina. And do not forget the legal aspect of it all. You must take care of all your documents and paperwork in due time. It can be done before or after the move, depending on your schedule and time you can invest. Therefore, today we will help with a small guide on how to handle your post-move paperwork.

    In case you are still in the middle of the moving process

    If you are still preparing your move or in the middle of it, let us help a bit. Everything begins with a moving checklist where you should list all the steps one must take toward the successful relocation. This includes the post-move paperwork and the inventory list as well. Once you inspect your home and figure out how much stuff you have you should contact cross country movers Greensboro NC based. Communicate all the details with your moving company to calculate the moving costs better. Also, to see what options you have and where you can improve.

    Moving Checklist for the post-move paperwork to handle
    Follow your moving checklist for a successful relocation.

    The moving quote that movers provide will give you the insight into the costs and you’ll be able to get your moving budget in line. When you have all the information necessary, you should obtain packing materials, declutter, and pack your home. Do as much as you can before the moving date. As long as you are packed and have a reliable moving company by your side, you are good to go.

    Change of address and contact info

    We can’t assume that everyone is using the same means for this step. Some people like writing things down while others do not have any social networks. It would be easy if you can just toss your new info into a chat group and everyone is informed about it. Yes, it will work for your friends, family, and coworkers. But what about everyone else that will need you at some point but they are missing your new address? So, you can update the Yellow Pages and make yourself accessible if you want.

    But those are only optional. What you must do is to inform your service providers, the police, your bank, school, etc. Especially, the government facilities. Make sure that all relevant parties are informed about the change of address and contact info. And yes, most of it can be done online or through the system with little to no paperwork at all.

    Shuffle through your post-move paperwork and update all relevant parties

    You should complete this one sooner rather than later. Especially if you are moving to a different state. Firstly, you should take care of DMV and if necessary obtain new plates, tags, and drivers license. Then, because you changed the place of residence, it might be required to update all your personal documents as well. The most important is to take care of your ID. And if you are bringing your work with you, you must take care of all the permits and documents related to it. Make sure everything is registered to your new county. Finally, remember to register to vote.

    PO box
    You do not want any of your mail to get lost. Set your PO box as soon as possible.

    Postal service and the bank

    We already stressed the importance of change of address and updating contact info. But do not forget to set up the PO box as soon as you relocate. You want to avoid unpleasantries related to the undelivered mail and bills.

    Therefore, go to the nearest postal office and take care of it. All you must do is fill out a single form and you are done with it. You will probably receive some letters and pamphlets aimed at previous owners. But at least you won’t lose your mail and bills. Everything should be re-routed properly, preferably a week before the move. Make this a priority.

    School and medical records

    You never know when you’ll need a doctor and your kid shouldn’t wait too long before attending their new school. The post-move paperwork related to it must be covered in due time. You can work on it in the first week after you settle in. Or fix everything upfront if you are sure that your moving date is in place and your schedule tight.

    Hence, transfer medical and school records as soon as you can and update your insurance policies. Note that even if you are registered in the system, you’ll still need hard copies transferred over. And on some occasions, it can take up to a month to transfer hard copies.

    Your kid's school records are among the post-move paperwork
    Your child shouldn’t miss out on their first day in a new school. Take care of the paperwork on time.

    Post-move paperwork includes all the utilities as well

    Next to the personal documents and important moving documents, you have utilities and services as well. This is an extensive and complicated part and you can read all about it online and inform yourself on relevant websites. But let us at least we will tell you which utilities and services you must take care of. Just to help you with your checklist and to be sure that you won’t forget any of it. Take care of the following:

    • Water, electricity, and gas.
    • Cable TV, landline, and internet provider.
    • Domestic waste, cleaning, and maintenance services.

    Of course, once you have time, think about your book club, library card, gym membership, newspaper subscription, etc. But those can wait at least a week or two. Be sure to cover the important ones first.

    It can be confusing at times, but if you list everything down, we are sure you’ll be successful. The list of post-move paperwork is extensive. But you can make it a lot shorter if you do some things beforehand. Hopefully, you used packing services in Greensboro, NC, and utilized all other services movers have to offer. It will give you enough time to think about the legalities and paperwork. We are sure you will handle it like a pro. Good luck!

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