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    Are you moving soon, but you’re not sure how to pack fine china properly? Movers Burlington NC is here to help you pack fine china and have peace of mind while it’s being transported! To pack fine china, you’ll have to treat it as you would any other fragile items during a move, just with even more caution. Whether you pack your fragile item properly or not directly influences the end result. That’s why knowing the exact process that you should go through is crucial. Many people turn to professional movers when they need to pack fragile items, and if you’re not sure you can do it right, you should consider this option as well. Are you ready to commit to properly packing your fine china and get to work?

    Every individual piece deserves your attention when you pack fine china

    Many people pack their items by simply placing them in the box with packing peanuts. Packing your fine china deserves undivided attention, and if you’re not able to do it – you should consider getting packing services.

    packing ceramics
    Whether or not you pack your fragile item properly will directly influence the outcome of the move, so give the process your undivided attention!

    If you are, that means that you’ll have to wrap each piece individually and have the specialty box for it. You should also make sure that you add enough bubble wrap and packing peanuts so that the item in a box doesn’t have a lot of room to wiggle. That means almost none. You don’t want to place so much padding and cement the item as well. Leave it just a little wiggle room. There’s also another thing that you can do to ensure the safety of your china – you can have it placed in two boxes if you’re using the cardboard ones. They may be prone to damage, and they’re especially susceptible when they come in contact with moisture.

    What materials will I need to pack fine china?

    Sometimes hiring the movers like local movers Greensboro NC is the best way to keep your china safe. If you’re determined to do it on your own, we’re more than happy to guide you through the process!

    Those are the items that you’ll need:

    • Glassine
    • Packing paper
    • Bubble wrap 
    • Scissors/Knives 
    • Packing boxes 
    • Tape 
    • Packing peanuts
    • Markers

    You can order those materials online. Many moving companies offer packing materials. The pros of ordering the materials online are that you won’t have to lose your time and energy on visiting the store, picking out the items there, and driving them back home. The cons of ordering those materials are that you may not be aware of how many you need. That’s why it’s wise to get a free quote from moving companies and talk to them about your problem. 

    pack fine china
    When you pack fine china, wrap each piece in the bubble twice.

    How to pack fine china pieces?

    To pack your china pieces start by wrapping all of the pieces in the glassine. It will prevent the dust and water to come into the contact with the items, all while keeping them safe from scratches. After you’ve done that, pack each of the items in the wrapping paper, and wrap it twice. Take the plates, and stack three or four of them in the box. Fill in the rest with the packing peanuts and repeat the process until you’ve packed all of your plates. Pack two bowls per box and each irregularly shaped item such as a mug should have its own box.

    After you wrap the cups with the glassine fill them in with the packing paper before you proceed to wrap them in the bubble wrap. If you’re wrapping the items that consist of more than one part, keep in mind that those parts should be wrapped individually. Remember that the upper bowl should also be filled with packing paper or with the packing peanuts.

    Label your boxes

    The boxes that you use when you pack fine china should be labeled “fragile”. You have to label your boxes properly. Take a marker and write fragile on every side of the box. That’s important, as the movers usually stack the boxes one onto another. If you write fragile on the top of the box, the chances are that people will miss it and not treat the box as carefully as they should. When you write it on each side, you’re ensuring that the movers see the sign.

    You can separate the boxes with the fragile items in them into one pile. When mover comes to pick up your boxes, tell them that that pile consists only of the fragile items so you make sure that they know exactly which boxes those are. You can also label them with big red dots or exclamation marks so that the sign is easily seen. 

    cardboard box labeled "fragile"
    By labeling your boxes on every side, you’re making sure that the label gets seen.

    Consider hiring professional movers

    While packing fine china, you might want different services that only movers can offer. Maybe you realize that you need a local storage unit like a climate controlled storage Greensboro NC offers. Perhaps you need more packing materials or someone to pack the items for you. To make sure that you have the solution to these situations in case they occur, invest your time in finding trustworthy, reliable professionals. You can fill out free quote forms or give companies a call. See which ones fit your needs and keep in mind that the earlier you start researching, the earlier you’ll find the right fit.

    Moving isn’t easy, especially when you have to move fragile, precious items with you. We’re at your disposal if you decide that you want professionals to pack and transport your fragile, valuable items. Give us a call and see why we should be the ones to handle and pack fine china, and book the move that will give you the peace of mind! 

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