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The nightmare recliner couch!

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    How to safely disassemble a recliner to make moving easier:

    Moving a recliner can be very dangerous, especially when stairs are involved. These couches can weigh in at 400+ pounds! In order to prevent damage to the sub-frame of the couch, your walls and railings, and of course that precious leather or suede sofa you forked out tons of cash for it is important that you take the couch apart and make it as small and maneuverable as possible. Follow these simple steps, most movers don’t even know how to do this and now you can move like the pro’s or even give your moving company some valuable advice.

    1. Try to detach the chair backs by checking along the bottom behind the couch for a Velcro strip holding the material along the bottom so it doesn’t flap around. If it is stapled down, this means the chair backs were not meant to detach and that’s okay. If the material is attached by Velcro then pull it up so you can see along both sides of the chair back to find out if there is a clip or a screw of any kind holding it together. Sometimes you have to give them a good yank while you pull away the clip to get them to detach.

    1. Flip the couch forward carefully and locate the 2 rails along the bottom of the couch. Gather your heavy artillery (drill, pliers, and a bit that will allow you to attach a socket if needed). Disconnect any wires that could cause an issue after the pieces are separated. Typically, there will be 12 bolts holding the 2 rails to the bottom of each separate couch piece.

    1. Finally, remove the 2 rails, but be careful not to let the nuts from the underside of the rails to fall into the couch when you loosen the bolts because they may be very hard to recover. If you want to make it easier to put back together later, feel free to label the rails top and bottom and left and right or whatever will make it easier for you.

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