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Essential cross-country moving checklist

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    If you are not moving on short notice, you will probably have several months to plan the logistics of your cross-country move. While moving across multiple states can seem daunting, getting closer one step at a time makes it manageable and orderly. Here’s a helpful cross-country moving checklist to keep you on track.

    Start your cross-country moving checklist 2 months before the move

    Set a moving budget

    Cross-country moving costs can quickly rise. According to industry data, the final relocation bill can easily run between $4,000 and $10,000. From hiring Greensboro long distance movers to moving your vehicle, make sure you set a budget for all aspects of your move. Budgeting now helps define expectations and keeps costs from going out of control.

    Moving budget
    Knowing where you are financially can help you start taking action to reduce costs early on in the move

    Find movers and compare prices

    When moving long distances, it is almost impossible to hire movers at the last minute to move your belongings. Not only can moving companies in North Carolina be booked weeks in advance, but it also takes time for the moving company to plan the logistics to bundle your cargo with other cargo. It is advisable to start shopping for movers at least two months before the moving date. You should compare rates for at least three moving companies. After receiving your initial quote, be sure to schedule an in-home assessment with the best candidates.

    Start decluttering

    One of the easiest ways to cut moving costs is to get rid of everything you no longer use or want. It takes a long time to clean every cupboard, drawer, and cabinet from clutter, so it’s best to get started as soon as possible. Selling or donating items such as unused wedding gifts, long-forgotten books, and worn-out furniture will reduce the weight of your package. Less package weight means cheaper move!

    Make an inventory of the household

    Once you’ve gotten rid of unnecessary items, you should take a household inventory to keep track of everything during the move. This list will also come in handy if you ever need to file an insurance claim in the future. There are many great apps for this purpose. These apps allow you to take snapshots of your products and automatically back up your listing to the cloud.

    Start getting moving materials

    Right at the beginning of your cross-country moving checklist should be packing supplies. You will need a lot of packing materials to get everything together and prepare it for the move. If you’re trying to save money by using recycled boxes, now is the time to start looking for them. You can pick up free moving boxes from family and friends, the grocer next door, liquor stores, or Craigslist.

    1 month before the move

    Book a moving company

    At this point, you should have already compared the estimates of the moving companies in your area. Make sure you have a signed contract with cross country movers Greensboro NC of your choice a month before moving.

    Start packing

    Most moving companies recommend starting the packing process at least a month in advance. If you take a look around your home, you might be surprised to find out how many things you haven’t used in weeks or months. Start by packing rarely used or seasonal items such as books, DVD collection, winter clothing, Christmas decorations, serving dishes, etc. As you get closer to your moving date, you can do the rest.

    Make arrangements for pets and children

    If you have small children or pets, ask someone to look after them during the move. The best solution is to send them to a friend or family member on moving day to keep everyone safe while the movers load the moving truck. Be sure to do this ahead of time, as finding a nanny at the last minute can be tricky.

    Child and cat
    Taking care of your kids and pets on a moving day should be among the priorities on your cross-country moving checklist

    2 weeks before the move

    Apply for a change of USPS address

    At least two weeks prior to moving, complete the online address change form through the US Postal Service. It only takes a few minutes to complete this form, and your mail will be redirected to your new address after that date. Also contact your financial institutions (banks and credit card companies), subscription services, your insurance company, and any other important parties to notify them of a change in your address.

    Plan your utilities

    As you move around the country, chances are you won’t be able to migrate your existing utilities. Be sure to schedule the cancellation of your current services a day or two after your move date. When planning a turn-off, make sure you have enough time to clean the house after the movers have left. If possible, plan to turn on essential services prior to your arrival at your new home. At a minimum, you will need working lights and water to make the move efficient.

    1 week before the move

    Pack the essentials

    When moving across the country, it may take a week or two for movers to deliver your belongings. In the meantime, you will need a few boxes of things to help you. Packing these boxes yourself will also speed up the moving process. For each family member, be sure to bring plenty of change of clothing, medicine, toiletries, and towels. Also, pack air mattresses and bedding so you have a place to sleep while waiting for the beds to arrive. Keep these essentials boxes with you throughout the move so that you have constant access to everything you need.

    Prepare your appliances

    If you are taking some or all of your home appliances with you, be sure to prepare them first. Defrost the refrigerator and ask a professional to disconnect the gas line to the dryer. Make sure all appliances are completely dry to prevent the growth of mold or mildew and check the manufacturer’s documentation for specific handling instructions.

    Moving day

    Greet the moving team

    When a moving truck arrives, be there to meet the team. Report any issues you may have early in the day so they can address those issues. Also check that the US DOT number on the side of the truck matches the number on the bill of lading.

    Sign the documents

    Once movers have collected your household items, they will ask you to sign a bill of lading confirming an inventory of the items they received. Make sure you agree with the list provided, then sign the documents so they can leave.

    Finish cleaning

    Once all the boxes and furniture are in the truck, you can do a final cleaning of the house or apartment. Vacuum and wipe the floors to remove any dirt or grime that may have gotten inside. Then dust it off completely before handing over the keys.

    Cleaning the floor
    Make sure everything is perfectly clean before you close the door for the last time

    After moving

    We will finish this essential cross-country moving checklist with the last piece of advice. It can seem unsettling to have boxes on boxes all over your new home but resist the urge to unpack in a hurry. Start with the main rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms first, before moving on to the rest of the house. Take time to methodically unpack your items in a logical way so your new home is well organized.

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