How to safely disassemble a recliner to make moving easier:

Moving a recliner can be very dangerous, especially when stairs are involved. These couches can weigh in at 400+ pounds! In order to prevent damage to the sub-frame of the couch, your walls and railings, and of course that precious leather or suede sofa you forked out tons of cash for it is important that you take the couch apart and make it as small and maneuverable as possible. Follow these simple steps, most movers don’t even know how to do this and now you can move like the pro’s or even give your moving company some valuable advice.

  1. Try to detach the chair backs by checking along the bottom behind the couch for a Velcro strip holding the material along the bottom so it doesn’t flap around. If it is stapled down, this means the chair backs were not meant to detach and that’s okay. If the material is attached by Velcro then pull it up so you can see along both sides of the chair back to find out if there is a clip or a screw of any kind holding it together. Sometimes you have to give them a good yank while you pull away the clip to get them to detach.

  1. Flip the couch forward carefully and locate the 2 rails along the bottom of the couch. Gather your heavy artillery (drill, pliers, and a bit that will allow you to attach a socket if needed). Disconnect any wires that could cause an issue after the pieces are separated. Typically, there will be 12 bolts holding the 2 rails to the bottom of each separate couch piece.

  1. Finally, remove the 2 rails, but be careful not to let the nuts from the underside of the rails to fall into the couch when you loosen the bolts because they may be very hard to recover. If you want to make it easier to put back together later, feel free to label the rails top and bottom and left and right or whatever will make it easier for you.

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We provide professional moving and packing services for local and long-distance customers and in Greensboro NC. We offer first rate services, which include disassembling and moving of large furniture pieces, quilt-pad wrapping of furniture, and hand wrapping and packing of fragile items. We will also be happy to provide our professional unpacking service as well so that your home or business is up and running as soon as possible.

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Professional Greensboro Movers

IMG_0008When it comes time to move your household goods, you want Greensboro movers who will treat them like their own. At Best Bet Moving and Labor, we are prepared to minimize the amount of work you do so that you can focus on getting settled into your new location with less stress.

We provide local and long-distance residential moving services, and our full-service moving package is designed where our movers will do everything for you, letting you focus on other things related to your move. They will be glad to take your furniture apart, carefully wrap it, load and unload it, and reassemble it at your new location. So if you are looking for professional residential movers in the Greensboro area, give us a call at (336) 457-6065, or request a free move quote at

Moving and Storage ServicesProtect and Preserve Your Items during a Move

When moving your home or office, we understand that some of your items are highly valuable and need to be stored in a temperature-sensitive environment in order to provide protection from extreme climate and weather conditions.

Best Bet Moving and Labor can provide storage solutions that can meet your specialized moving needs. Our storage facilities are climate-controlled and secured spaces that are available at your convenience 24/7. Just let us know what you need, and we can make the necessary arrangements.

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apartment moving servicesLocal and Long Distance Apartment Moves

Best Bet Moving and Labor provides apartment moving services both locally and long-distance. We are proud to serve Greensboro and its surrounding areas and communities with our best in class moving services.

We specialize in apartment moves, and our staff of professional and experienced apartment movers can get your items moved safely, securely and efficiently. And for local moves, we are even able to provide you with same-day moving services. This means you can get your goods moved quickly, whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or single-family house.


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packing-tips-greensboro-nc-moverPacking Boxes and Electronics for Your Next Move.

check-mark-symbolAlways use moving tape to seal boxes. Interlocking tops and boxes without tops make stacking properly in the moving truck impossible and dangerous.

check-mark-symbolTake the time to clearly label each and every box on the top and side, what is in the box as well as what room the box will be going into to avoid unnecessary confusion and frustration when unpacking.

check-mark-symbolWhen packing electronics, try to pack in original box if available, otherwise, use bubble wrap. If the electronic set up is complex with many wires, snap a picture of the wires and label them to know what goes where.

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Best Bet Moving and Labor is the premier moving company in the Greensboro area! We’ve been around as a family owned company for years, so you can put your trust in us to take care of your most treasured items. All your special items will be handled with the utmost care and delivered straight to your new home. So take a break and let Best Bet Moving and Labor make your next move safe, efficient, and fast without sacrificing care.

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$50 off Local Moves and $25 off Labor Only Moves.

Whether it’s a full service move or do-it-your-self move, the moving process can be both stressful and difficult. It can also be costly, putting a dent into your budget.  That’s why we’re offering discounts on our local and labor only moving services.  So if you’d like to save time and money on your next move, then take advantage of our local and labor only moving specials.  We’re offering $50 off Local Moves and $25 off Labor Only Moves.

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Best Bet Moving and Labor will treat your precious items like our own. Have an antique table that’s been in your family for generations? We’ll get that piece to your new home using the utmost care. Your satisfaction is our priority when we move any furniture, household goods, or other items, so take a break! Best Bet Moving and Labor movers are trained to make the move safe, efficient, and fast without sacrificing care. Contact us at to request more information about our moving services.

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